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N-8000 IP Network Intercom has expanded its capabilities again

RS-140Expanded N-8000 Series for more various applications.

TOA announces the release of new lineup for IP Network Intercom System.

Offering additional models, especially 4-wire system substations and interface unit, TOA's intercom system satisfies more various application requirements.

The N-8000 Series is an IP network-compatible intercom system that employs packet audio technology. By linking to an existing local network (LAN), wide-area network (WAN) or optical fiber network, it is possible to construct an optimal system for in-house or wide-area information communication.

New Models

* N-8010RS Sub Station Interface Unit
* N-8400RS Sub Station Interface Unit
* N-8510MS IP Standard Master Station
* RS-140 Switch PanelRS-141 Option Handset
* RS-450 Substation
* RS-460 Substation
* RS-470 Substation
* RS-480 Substation
* RS-481 Substation
* YC-801 Flush-Mount Box
* YC-802 Wall Mount Box

Schools, Factories, Hospitals, Nursing home, Parkings and many more.

New Functions
[Emergency call]
Pushing the call button twice quickly commands the door station and substation to make an emergency call to master stations and analog telephones. Substations or door stations set for Priority Level 5 can also make an emergency call.

The RS-140 Switch Panel offers a Privacy Mode that refuses paging calls from connected speakers and can prevent scan monitoring except for emergency calls.


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