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VHF Wireless System

VHF Hand-held Wireless Microphone
VHF Hand-held Wireless Microphone
VHF Lavaliere Wireless Microphone
WM-3210 WM-3220 WM-3310
   The WM-3210 Wireless Microphone employs a dynamic microphone capsule and is suitable for vocal applications.     The WM-3220 Wireless Microphone employs an electret condenser microphone capsule and is suitable for speech applications.    The WM-3310 lavalier wireless microphone has been manufactured for use with a VHF system.
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VHF Wireless Tuner
WT-3810 C01ER
VHF Wireless Tuner
VHF Wireless Tuner Unit
WT-3800-C01ER WT-3810 C01ER WTU-3800
   The TOA wireless tuner WT-3800 is a PLL-synthesizer controlled double superheterodyne diversity tuner to be used in VHF wireless systems.    TOA's WT-3810 is a PLL-synthesizer controlled double superhetrodyne diversity tuner designed to be used with a VHF wireless system.    The TOA Wireless Tuner Module WTU-3800 is a PLL-synthesizer controlled double superheterodyne diversity tuner module designed to be used in conjunction with VHF wireless equipment.
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VHF Wireless Antenna
UHF/VHF Wireless Antenna
YW-3500 YW-3510
   Intended for 200 MHz band wireless systems, the YW-3500 is a wall-mounted dipole antenna.    The YW-3510 is a 1/4 type antenna designed to be mounted directly to the wireless tuner.    
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